Nearshore in Portugal: A Cost-Effective Solution for Your Business

By outmarketing
April 19, 2023 — Articles, Blog
Nearshore in Portugal

Nearshore teams, such as those available in Portugal, offer a unique combination of technical expertise, language proficiency and cultural affinity that make them ideal partners for businesses looking to thrive and grow.

Nearshore in Portugal is a great way to take advantage of the increasing global connectivity and proximity leveraged by modern technology to accelerate innovation and delivery capacity. In fact, the world is becoming more tied, and we are closer than ever before.

One way in which businesses are making the most of this trend is by using nearshore services to drive their digital transformation projects forward. Nearshore teams, such as those available in Portugal, offer a unique combination of technical expertise, language proficiency and cultural affinity that make them ideal partners for businesses looking to thrive and grow. By capitalizing on these resources, businesses can tap into new sources of talent, knowledge, and expertise, driving innovation and accelerating the delivery of new products and services.

In this article, we will explain why Nearshore in Portugal is an excellent choice for your business.

First things first: what is nearshore outsourcing?

Nearshore outsourcing is a business model that allows you to relocate certain services to a nearby country. The main goal is to rapidly access a skilled workforce while benefiting from lower costs. When talking about IT, it means counting on a remote, dedicated, customized and multidisciplinary tech squad that is in the same (or almost) time zone and shares a similar culture. All this simplifies interaction among internal and external teams as well as their management. So, nearshore makes it easier and faster to get the job (well) done, and enables you to focus on core and strategic activities.

What are the advantages of nearshoring?

When it comes to services, software development is one of the most requested and with a greater fit with nearshore. Relying on a Nearshore Services Provider to create, test, evolve, secure and maintain your digital products ensures several advantages (even more notorious in the Nearshore in Portugal, as we will see later), including:

  • Cost savings: Nearshore services often cost less than hiring locally, as labor costs in other countries may be lower. Hiring a team of software developers from a different country with lower labor costs can be a cost-effective way to develop and maintain digital products. This is particularly true when outsourcing to Nearshore in Portugal, where the cost of living and labor is lower than in many other European countries.
  • Fast time to market: With a team of tech experts working on your project, you can speed up the development time of your digital products, enabling you to launch your products faster and beat your competitors to market. Nearshore teams (when compared to in-house teams) can provide faster turnaround times, as they often have a dedicated focus and a streamlined process for project delivery.
  • Overcome tech talent shortage: This is a global problem and is more noticeable in some countries. Using Nearshore services, you can benefit from a larger pool of skilled professionals, fill existing gaps in demanding/specialized functions and have the team you need, when you need it.
  • Flexibility: Nearshore outsourcing allows you to scale up or down development teams based on your needs at each moment. This means you can quickly adjust to changing market conditions or new product requirements, without having to go through the time-consuming process of hiring, onboarding and training new employees.
  • Access to new technologies: Nearshore development teams may have access to technologies or methodologies that you may not have been aware of. New, better ways of doing things can speed up development time and improve the quality of the end product.

Overall, nearshore software development services, especially in Nearshore in Portugal, offer a range of benefits for businesses looking to accelerate innovation and delivery capacity of their digital transformation projects.

So why Nearshore in Portugal?

Here are some reasons why Portugal is a great choice for Nearshore in critical areas such as software development:

  • Talent’s quality: Portugal is recognized for the quality and dedication of its tech professionals, thanks to the high standards of universities that prepare students for the corporate world (both in terms of hard and soft skills) and the worldwide projects in which they are involved from the very start of their career. In addition, most are fluent in English and understand/speak other languages, which truly facilitates communication with other countries.
  • Competitive costs: Portugal offers competitive labor costs compared to other European countries or in-house development. This means that companies can benefit from cost savings without sacrificing quality and invest more in their products/innovations.
  • Advanced technology infrastructure: Portugal has invested heavily in its technology infrastructure in recent years, with a strong focus on developing its IT sector. As a result, the country has state-of-the-art data centers, fiber-optic networks, and high-speed internet connections. All this contributes to a remarkable tech ecosystem.
  • Time zone compatibility: Portugal is in the Western European time zone, which is compatible with many other European countries. A similar time zone improves the ability to respond quickly to changes and provides faster turnaround times due to geographical proximity.
  • Cultural affinity: Portugal shares cultural affinities with many other European countries, which facilitates business relationships and communication.
  • Pride in doing well and willingness to go further: Given the small size of the country and its location, the Portuguese people have always had an open and exploratory mind. They enjoy discovering new paths and finding ways to make a difference for the better. This translates into the excellence of deliverables and the genuine happiness of exceeding expectations.

In essence, and combined with the usual Nearshore advantages mentioned before, these factors make Portugal a real attractive location and one of the favorites of European companies.

Now, the final question: Why Nearshore in Portugal with InnoTech?

Well, if you are struggling to innovate at the speed of the business, it’s time to meet InnoTech as an experienced Nearshore Services Provider through the “NearTech” offer. Our IT Delivery Centre provides a flexible operational model, using face-to-face, remote working or a blend of the two to deliver what you need to get things done. Combining Dev & Ops, we are working from Portugal on projects across Europe with the perfect match between our talents and our customers’ ambitions.

At InnoTech we continuously invest in our people’s empowerment and happiness, and this is reflected in their motivation and ability to execute. Our High-Performance Squads are at your fingertips and represent the main reason for you to count on us as your selected partner for Nearshore in Portugal. Let’s discuss your specific challenges and make your next tech project a quick reality.