InnoTech connects people and businesses through technology.

We help businesses grow through innovation and technology.

It all happens when our top-of-the-game talents get to play.

About Innotech

Who We Are

InnoTech is an IT consulting company native to a global technological environment. Growth is part of our DNA.

  • 01 We have the best IT solutions and team to boost our client’s businesses. Our service is partnership oriented, since your success is ours as well.
  • 02 Our team is challenged everyday in different working environments and that makes us more flexible, enthusiastic and agile.
  • 03 Excellence comes with experience. We never stop expanding and looking for new projects and challenges. That is why we are always ready to be your “go-to” choice.
  • 04 We offer our team the most enticing global challenges and real opportunities for career development within different environments that make them more engaged to achieve excellence and better results. We believe the more engaged a team is, the more value it delivers. We are just as much an IT Company as a Connection Company
  • 05 We dare to be different, to be ambitious, to dream big, to deliver value like no other. Simultaneously, we seek people that want to learn and further improve their skills with us. Growing together in a common purpose.
  • 06 Sustainability is not just a word. At InnoTech we translate it into a mix of demanding factors: environmentally responsible, client integrity and employees wellness. And we take it seriously.
We are
Business boosters and trusted IT partners. Teachers and enablers of people. A nearshore company based in Portugal. Business boosters and trusted partners.
We deliver
Talent-driven innovative technology. Entirely optimized teams featuring only best-in-class players. Talent-driven innovative technology.
We stand for
Integrity Wellness Happiness Sustainability and Responsibility Integrity

Our mission is to deliver innovative technology driven by talented tech people — and to have fun along the way.

The flags we fly a.k.a. Our core values


Integrity leads our behaviour — towards clients, employees, stakeholders, providers, partners, cleaners, gardeners, and what-have-you. Our code of conduct is quite simple: just do what is right.


Work passionately, play passionately.

We foster happy people and brilliant minds. For us, wellness means people having wholesome lives — this includes emotional and physical health, social and spiritual connection, occupational and economic satisfaction, and so much more – in order to fulfil their potential. If you only remember one thing about us, remember this: we care.


Work should be fun. That's it.

If it's fun, it's engaging. And that is how excellency is achieved.

Sustainability & Responsibility

Responsibility is much more than social, as Sustainability is much more than ecology. It means being 100% aware of our impact — we stand for doing good.

Core Team

Our team's experience and expertise allow us to embrace every challenge — with no missteps and all the passion.

José Padre Eterno


Rui Mota

Unit Director

Dinis Nunes

Unit Manager

Mónica Romba

Unit Manager

Rodrigo Maia Prinzo

Head of People Ops

Catarina Pais

Employer Branding Manager

Cláudia Santos

Tech Talent Scout Team Lead

The Team

  • André Correia

    Unit Manager

  • Tiago Correia


  • Catarina Mourato


  • Beatriz Caniço


  • Alexandre Gonçalves


  • Pedro Silvério


  • Catarina Domingues


  • Afonso Martelo


  • Vanessa Rezende

    Tech Talent Scout

  • António Pombeiro

    Tech Talent Scout

  • Fábio Neiva

    Tech Talent Scout

  • Beatriz Sousa

    Tech Talent Scout

  • Pedro Gomes

    Tech Talent Scout


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