The importance of developing a meaningful company culture

June 28, 2022 — Articles, Blog
The importance of developing a meaningful company culture

The company culture is the glue that holds everything together, that brings people with their unique individualities in a common purpose.

Is a meaningful company culture an important issue nowadays? The answer is (definitely) yes. In fact, employees take a big and positive advantage from it as they are more likely to enjoy work and be committed when their values are consistent with their employers.

If we are working in a company whose culture has a good fit, we eagerly embrace it and build better relationships. This means happier, more dedicated, productive, and engaged teams. And it is not something that is “imposed”. It is natural, native, makes part of the DNA, and is developed organically over time from the cumulative traits of the people.

But what is company culture, after all? It’s a set of values, ethics, attitudes, and beliefs that characterize and guide an organization. The culture may be expressed in different ways and throughout different paths, starting with how business and HR practices are decided and implemented, right to how individual workers interact with one another.

The company culture is shaped by its mission and vision and establishes some important baseline expectations for employees’ behaviors. It’s the glue that holds everything together, that brings people with their unique individualities in a common purpose.

The foundation of a company culture

Corporate culture is influenced by many factors, both internal and external, including its business areas, targeted industries, geographies, types of clients and partners, laws and regulations, and inclusion & diversity approach.

The style of management also impacts it. Empowering employees, giving them autonomy, encouraging decision-making, hearing and “inviting” them to actively participate in the strategy, makes them feel like a key piece and see the business as their own.

All in all, the company culture is reflected in its dress code, working model (remote, physical, hybrid), facilities setup, tone of communication, benefits and perks, practices and policies, events and interaction moments, most valued soft skills, way of hiring and promoting employees, way of dealing with clients and their (in)satisfaction, and every other aspect of the operations.

Quite aware of the importance of living a meaningful culture, Innotech has an open, people-centric and “startup” mindset, where each one can grow and be the best version of themselves. We have a genuine interest in the well-being of our talents and do everything for them to achieve a perfect work-life balance. We foster a creative, inspiring and vibrant environment according to our mission of delivering innovative technology while having fun along the way. Also, there are some flags we fly, a.k.a. our core values, that are intrinsically in us:

  • Integrity – Integrity leads our behavior – towards clients, employees, stakeholders, providers, partners, cleaners, gardeners, and what-have-you. Our code of conduct is quite simple: just do what is right.
  • Wellness – Work passionately, play passionately. We foster happy people and brilliant minds. For us, wellness means people having wholesome lives — this includes emotional and physical health, social and spiritual connection, occupational and economic satisfaction, and so much more – in order to fulfill their potential. If you only remember one thing about us, remember this: we care.
  • Happiness – Work should be fun. That’s it. If it’s fun, it’s engaging. And that is how excellency is achieved.
  • Sustainability & Responsibility – Responsibility is much more than social, as Sustainability is much more than ecology. It means being 100% aware of our impact — we stand for doing good.

Do you identify with our company culture? Apply for an open position, and feel it live!