InnoTech selected by Fidelidade for a pioneering Crowd Testing project

March 30, 2022 — Articles, Company
InnoTech selected by Fidelidade for a pioneering Crowd Testing project

The project’s goal is to test Fidelidade Drive app with large groups of real users to continuously improve services provided, technical quality, performance and experience level. Combining telematics and gamification, the app makes drivers aware of how they drive and rewards good habits.


Lisbon, March 29, 2022 – InnoTech, a Portuguese tech company made up of innovation enthusiasts, was selected by Fidelidade to implement a pioneering Crowd Testing project. The objective is to thoroughly test the Fidelidade Drive app with real users. The app is available for free to all customers with car insurance and allows them to know their driving behavior, get tips to improve and earn points (FidCoins) that can be exchanged for vouchers at selected partners.

As a leader in the insurance market, Fidelidade is committed to its solutions’ integrity, stability and security. Digital has been a strong focus and, in addition to quality assurance, comes the rapid and constant evolution of apps and websites, and consequently of the methodologies associated with the testing process included in the development cycle.

“The technical complexity of the Fidelidade Drive application, due to the various integrations and components, was the perfect motto for us to move towards a Crowd Testing service for the first time. Having decided to follow this path, InnoTech was the best option, essentially because of its availability and willingness to provide an adequate response to what we wanted. We see in InnoTech a partner devoted to the success of the Fidelidade Drive app”, explains Marcelo Abreu Sousa, Responsible for Partnerships and Ecosystems at Fidelidade.

At the base of this innovative project, which will last for two years, is the partnership between InnoTech and Clariter for Crowd Testing services. During this period, several actions will be carried out with large groups of real users who will travel by car with different characteristics, on different devices, operating systems and versions – making it possible to collect actionable data to optimize the experience, timely detect any possible bugs, validate the expected behavior and evaluate new ideas and features for the Fidelidade Drive app. For this, elements referenced in the Crowd Tester community will be mobilized, in addition to InnoTech and Fidelidade’s management teams.

Pedro Brandão, Country Manager at Clariter, highlights that “With Crowd Testing, Fidelidade will be able to anticipate what customers are looking for, translating into an improvements launch acceleration and a strong risks reduction”. This methodology introduces co-creation techniques between the business and end users, generating solutions based on these contributions and enabling test cases in Agile mode, cost reduction, and access to unique insights to put the customer at the center of digital transformation.

In a market ruled by great competition and changeability, we present ourselves in a personalized way for each company and with a direct impact on its business, growth and goals. This Crowd Testing project is a clear example and reinforces the right bet that InnoTech, with less than 2 years of activity, has been making to provide excellent and differentiating services in the tech landscape. We have other companies with whom we are in the proof-of-concept phase, in the financial, retail and automotive industries. Clearly, 2022 will be a year of affirmation for Crowd Testing”, concludes José Padre Eterno, CEO and Founder at InnoTech.

About InnoTech

InnoTech is a Portuguese tech company founded in April 2020, currently with a team of 85 innovation enthusiasts. Its business model guarantees agility and flexibility in adapting to the current and future customers’ needs, regardless of their size or sector, in the areas of PeopleTech (high-performance squads), NearTech (remote software factory), CyberTech (cybersecurity solutions) and Crowd Testing (applications testing by real users in the “as a service” model).

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