9 things to consider when looking for a new IT job

February 5, 2021 — Articles, Blog
9 things to consider when looking for a new IT job

When thinking about a new IT job, choose a company that you feel you’ll be its biggest fan, that gets you closer to your dreams and where you can be the best version of yourself

Ready to embrace a different challenge and enter a new phase in your career? Time is now. When deciding on whether a new IT job is right for you (or not), it’s important to evaluate some issues that go far beyond paycheck and lifetime employment.

Here is a selection of 9 things you should reflect on while weighing the pros and cons of a new IT job:

  1. Flexibility

Flexible schedules and flexible models (remote/hybrid – not only imposed the moment we live in) help to have a healthy work-life balance while getting stuff done the way that best suits both you and your company. Productivity and happiness go definitely up when you can decide when and where to work.

  1. Company’s Culture

We know that this can be hard to figure out before you actually start working somewhere, but there are questions you should be asking yourself to help decide whether the company’s culture is a good fit for you. Is it better for me to work in a small office, a big open space or at home? Do I prefer a startup environment or a corporate organization? Is there any dress code? Does the company usually organize team-building moments and really cares about the well-being of its employees? Social networks and the company’s web page are a good way to discover important aspects of culture. Check them out and see what practices are in place and what initiatives are carried out to engage the team.

  1. Career development

Does the company regularly invest in talent empowerment, both in terms of soft and tech skills, and is there a well-defined career plan? Will you be able to participate in internal and external training, get certifications, be inspired by experts in your field?

  1. Benefits

Salary is a great part of the compensation package, but there are other benefits you need to consider when evaluating a new IT job move. Like extra time-off, medical insurance, performance bonuses, gym and other such member programs, meal and food tickets, education vouchers, commuter assistance, and much more.

  1. Going global

It’s really enriching when you have the opportunity to participate in international projects, even remotely. Dealing with other realities and interacting with different mindsets opens horizons, brings rewarding experiences and huge professional growth.

  1. Unwind perks

There are some interesting perks that make a difference in your daily work at the office (when we all get back, of course): massages and yoga, free books, relaxing spaces, collective and individual games (such as a boxing bag, basket court, dart’s board, ping-pong table…), free office treats like cakes, fruit or drinks are some of them. A vibrant place where employees feel at home and love to be, surely leverage creativity, connection and excellence.

  1. Company`s stability and ambition

Make sure you have a pretty good idea of the company before making any official commitment. Are they expanding and conquering new clients or is there a high risk of failure in the near future? What are the goals for the next years? Is there a clear purpose that everyone knows and is committed to? If you want to evolve, you must choose a company that is not only struggling to survive and involves all its employees in a common mission.

  1. Opportunity to innovate and use state-of-the-art technologies

Last but not least, in the IT market we all want to make incredible things, to transform best-in-class techs into awesome digital products and services, to see our contribution changing the lives of people. So, consider the kind of projects you will be involved in as a top motivation and key factor to accept a new IT job.

  1. Social Responsibility

Besides profit, companies have an important role and impact in their community. Are there any programs related to this and some that you can also participate in? What are they doing to make the world a better place? Do they stand for integrity and sustainability? More and more people value this type of initiatives and want to have an active contribution.


Choose a company that you feel you’ll be its biggest fan, that gets you closer to your dreams and where you can be the best version of yourself. Where you can reach your full potential and be recognized for it.

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