InnoTech at Jornal Económico: Technology professions excel in opportunities and salaries

July 10, 2023 — Articles, Company
InnoTech at Jornal Económico:

Discover the contribution of José Padre Eterno, Our CEO, in this special article from Jornal Económico.

Jornal Económico made a special article about tech professions and our CEO, José Padre Eterno, was invited to share his thoughts. Here’s what was published. You can see the full article in Portuguese at

Created during the pandemic by innovation enthusiasts, InnoTech has defined its strategy and mode of operation in the market considering the latest practices. José Padre Eterno, CEO, lists: “Flexible working hours and locations, flexible and customized payment packages adapted to each situation, employee benefits beyond salary, and an office where work activities, meetings, and social interactions with colleagues take place, as we sometimes go days or even weeks without meeting in person.”

InnoTech recruits professionals in the fields of analysis and management, programming and architecture, software testing, web design, and also operates in niche markets such as cybersecurity. “Given the market situation, not only in terms of lower demand compared to supply but also due to the stability that many professionals seek by not changing, there are open positions that take longer to fill,” says José Padre Eterno. This process can take anywhere from three to six weeks, and sometimes even longer.