InnoTech aims to reach €7M in 2023 and has 50 job openings for international expansion

July 19, 2023 — Articles, Company
InnoTech Growth

Internationalization is a key focus for the company this year, a goal that began taking shape in late 2022 with the creation of the position of International Business Development Manager, based in Paris and focused on Central Europe

Portuguese tech company anticipates reaching the milestone of 200 employees and achieving over 50% growth in revenue this year. Presence in the French market serves as a starting point for expansion into Central Europe.


Lisbon, July 19, 2023 – InnoTech, a Portuguese technology company comprised of innovation enthusiasts, plans to reach 200 employees by the end of 2023 by hiring at least 50 professionals to accommodate projected growth and international expansion. Having closed 2022 with approximately 100 employees and more than doubled its revenue to €4.6 million in just its third year of operation, the company aims to reach €7 million this year, representing an increase of over 50%.

InnoTech already boasts over 150 employees located throughout the country, with clients including over 30 prominent companies in sectors such as banking, insurance, retail, transportation, and telecommunications.

Internationalization is a key focus for the company this year, a goal that began taking shape in late 2022 with the creation of the position of International Business Development Manager, based in Paris and focused on Central Europe. InnoTech has also been increasingly exploring its Nearshore model due to the availability of qualified and globally recognized talent.

The next office to open will be in the northern region of Portugal, where InnoTech already has an established team and clients and partners based.

The IT Consulting sector, particularly through its specialized High-Performance Squads (HPS) delivery model, is where InnoTech experiences the most growth and gains prominence. HPS teams are formed to work on specific projects and are carefully selected to include talents with diverse skills and knowledge, creating a multidisciplinary force capable of tackling complex challenges. Flexibility, combined efficiency and effectiveness, and productivity measured by quality and progress are some of its competitive advantages, resulting in new partnerships with both national and international companies.

“At this moment, we have career opportunities that could double the company’s size overnight”, reveals José Padre Eterno, CEO of InnoTech.

Currently, the majority of InnoTech employees specialize in web development and programming, excelling in Microsoft, JAVA, and OutSystems technologies. The company has experienced significant growth in the market, particularly in the field of low-code, to the extent that they have started internal training programs in this area. In the first half of this year alone, they have hired over 15 professionals for low-code projects,” says José Padre Eterno.

To attract and retain talent, one of InnoTech’s priorities is continuous skill development. As the CEO explains, “Once an employee joins the company, continuous skill development includes unlimited access to the Udemy Business e-learning platform, which offers over 14,000 courses in various languages and fields, including management, analysis, architecture, development, quality, and more”.

Every InnoTech employee is also assigned a manager who has received specialized training provided by the company itself, ensuring regular, close, and honest support based on respect and transparency.

“Financially, we always adhere to our salary equity policy, respecting the individual’s education, experience, technical skills, and soft skills. For us, it’s simple: equal pay for equal competencies and responsibilities”, emphasizes José Padre Eterno.

To provide greater financial liquidity to families, the company also offers flexible benefits. InnoTech also values interaction and socializing among its employees, which led to the creation of an office space that serves as both a workspace and a place for meetings and gatherings. Since the existing work model is hybrid, colleagues may go days or even weeks without meeting in person. In 2023, InnoTech organized its first event dedicated to welcoming employees’ families – a picnic with music, games, children’s entertainment, food, and drinks. And there will be more events in 2024.

“When you join InnoTech, you experience the freedom of flexible work arrangements, where a harmonious integration of professional and personal life is achievable. You become part of a vibrant community of professionals where collaboration sparks brilliance and innovation thrives. Each step of our journey is taken with enthusiasm, creativity, and a passion for pushing boundaries”, concludes the CEO.

InnoTech’s strong culture, commitment, and team satisfaction have led the company to be recognized as one of the Best Workplaces in Portugal and one of LinkedIn’s Top Startups in Portugal.

About InnoTech

InnoTech is a Portuguese tech company founded in April 2020, and currently with a team of 150 innovation enthusiasts. Its business model guarantees agility and flexibility in adapting to the current and future customers’ needs, regardless of their size or sector, in the areas of PeopleTech (high-performance squads), NearTech (remote software factory), CyberTech (cybersecurity solutions) and Crowd Testing (applications testing by real users in the “as a service” model).

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