Aligning business and IT: why it is critical and how to do it

September 29, 2021 — Articles, Blog
Aligning business and IT: why it is critical and how to do it

Technology not only simplifies and accelerates our day-to-day work but is the core to do business

Nowadays aligning business and IT is not an option, is a must. Technology functions as its enabler. Simple and vital as that. Not only streamlines and accelerates our day-to-day work but optimizes and is the core to do business. Anytime, anywhere, from any device. We can almost say that every company is like an IT company today, wherever the industry. Technology has become the leading figure of every department, of every person’s professional and individual life. It eliminates frontiers and democratizes opportunities. We are all connected through it. It has never been so easy to expand our reach.

Another thing that is so valuable is that technology allows us to focus on what really matters. Time-consuming, bureaucratic, error-prone tasks can be automated. Creative, strategic work gains space and that’s what makes the difference. And, of course, happy and motivated talents. Empowered with all the tools they need to be the best version of themselves.

For all this and much more, aligning business and IT is definitely the new normal. Technology is here to fuel the business, optimize processes, increase productivity, remove distances, speed up adaptation to new realities and explore different revenue streams. And with a Tech Partner, everything is much easier and faster 🙂

Aligning business and IT in practice 

Thinking about technology as a means to an end has been one of the most fundamental myths of digital transformation. There is no such thing, because, at the end of the day, it is the business that drives the technology decisions. It is the business that drives the technology roadmap, the innovation agenda, the capability and readiness of the organization for the next unknown. A successful alignment of business and IT allows the right technology to be in the right place at the right time.

Many organizations face internal challenges, either from a lack of communication or from an organization that was set up for a different time and needs to be modernized for the new world. Overcoming obsolete, heavily siloed IT is a “sine qua non” step. Understanding the business needs and the business drivers is crucial to gain a baseline from which to create agile IT projects that are tied to the strategic goals and company vision.

Planning, modeling, managing and measuring are key here. Ensuring that any investment in technology actually creates or enhances business value.

Aligning business and IT also means being open to changes and to new ideas, embracing risk and being committed to getting things done. IT and business must be on the same page, totally sync, in a transparent and trusted “relationship”. Each team member must know, share and pursue a common purpose. Here are some quick tips:

  • Identify existing gaps
  • Make strategic goals clear
  • Strive for convergence
  • Streamline processes and tools
  • Evaluate implementation options
  • Conduct ongoing assessments

Aligning business and IT brings faster time-to-market, higher profit margins, better collaboration, superior customer experience and satisfaction, and quicker return on investment.

If you are willing to take your business to the next level with the power of technology, InnoTech is here to help. We believe that success is only achieved as a two-way street, so we strive to make sure you reach your goals as if they were our own. Get in touch and find out why we’re not only an IT company – but also a Connection company. Let’s re-imagine technology together!